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Exclusive members' club for industry leaders, sophisticated investors, high-net-worth individuals, property entrepreneurs, experts and developers | Property Angels Club |
Exclusive members' club for industry leaders, sophisticated investors, high-net-worth individuals, property entrepreneurs, experts and developers | Property Angels Club |

About us

Over the past 5 years we’ve created  the only funding exhibition in the UK & EU and hosted over 100 of the most exclusive events for founders and investors  and game-changers in London and NY.

Our research over that time has highlighted the investment opportunity in the property market where great projects often remain unrealised due to the shortage of funding.

And so we’ve created Property Angel Investors Club – an exclusive club for influential high-net-worth individuals, property investors, developers, and professionals.

Property Angels Club

Investment in property has proven over the years to deliver great returns. Where investors get higher returns than through alternative vehicles, with 8-20% interest being a norm for a short term projects, 30-50%+ ROCE, and 50-100%+ ROI proving a possibility. Of course all depends on the strategy, project and terms. The same as with any investment – a right choice from the start is what makes success an option.

No matter the state of the market – there are still great deals as well as a return of all funds employed within 5 years or less is not something unusual, and often could be quicker, depending what one does and where.

Of course, nothing is without risks, and property investment is no exception. Stat shows that novice property investors can lose all of their funds or have to wait significantly longer for their returns. The same with experienced entrepreneurs they don’t get precisely the same return as they’d expect due to the market fluctuations. And so with any type of investment especially those with higher returns.

Here’s where the Property Angels Club comes in

Thorough filtering

It might be not that easy to become a Club’s member, but so done for a reason.
We aim to ensure we bring the most sophisticated and knowledgeable parties together to ensure everyone can benefit from a proven track-record of everyone involved.

Careful due diligence

As so we carefully assess every application, the same scrutine due diligence we apply for every Deal we come across, even when it’s submitted by a long-term trusted partner.

Second opinion

After our review every opportunity gets an independent professional assessment before any deal is presented to investors to save their time and minimise associated risks.
One pair of eye is good but three are much better.

Power of synergy

While developers don’t always have time to secure investments. Investors don’t always have time to obtain the knowledge and benefit from market opportunities.
Missed time in property leads to missed opportunities - we ensure to bring the best of three: Deals, expertise and funds so all can benefit from multiple returns.

Top industry insights

With the speed of market moving there’s always something new to learn from the peers. We also ensure to bring top industry experts to share most recent updates so you stay on top of your game.

Opportunity to team-up

If you’ve got a strong industry background and a smashing deal but limited development experience, we can loop you in with a well-established developer for a mutually-beneficial collaboration.

Non-solicitation & privacy

We take all the best care to ensure your personal and your deal privacy come as our key priority.

Exclusive events to Celebrate & have fun

Meet fellow members at exclusive gatherings to build great, lasting relationships well beyond the wealth-generation.

Upcoming events

We look forward to welcoming you at our events where you could meet fellow members, successful developers, outstanding property entrepreneurs, investors who’ve built their legacies and overall great people who’re there to support each other and bring the power of synergy for great opportunities….

26th Jan'22
Club's Grand Launch


Open event for interested partied & property professionals for vibrant discussions about market opportunities and quality networking.

2nd Feb'22
Investor Day


Invitation-only event for qualifying investors who attended our open event. A chance for serious investors to meet and discuss potential projects in more depth and explore membership opportunities.

What to expect?

Grow your connections & wealth by tapping into an unparalleled network of property wealth creators and thought leaders

Case Studies

Want to know what’s possible in property?


Know someone looking to dispose of a land or property, fundraising for a property project, or someone considering to invest? We pay a great referral fee.

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Property Angels Club

Exclusive members club for high-net-worth individuals, developers and property professionals