Our expertise

We understand funding. And we recognise the value of building the right network for sparking business opportunities. 

Over the past 5 years we’ve created  the only funding exhibition in the UK & EU. We’ve also hosted more than 100 of the most exclusive events for founders, investors  and game-changers in London and New York.

Funding challenge

Our research over the time has highlighted the investment opportunity in the property market. It’s also shown us that great projects often remain unrealised due to a shortage of funding.

Making property work

Our solution? The Property Angels Club. It’s an exclusive club for influential high-net-worth individuals with access to capital for the right projects, successful developers, outstanding property entrepreneurs, and professionals with extraordinary track-record.

A trusted panel of

Value-add services for our network

Off-market stock of investment & development opportunities

Featured Project

Planning gain. GDV £7.7ml. Term 20 month. Gross margin 58%

 Amongst current opportunities